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syndae - episode 705

Yes, I am definitely getting old. My brain was some weeks in the future, when I compiled tonight's edition. Planned with music that has to wait for a while, as it is up for release later in March. And I do not want to spoil it that early. But there is so much great music to listen to that it was an easy go to compile a new show for tonight. And it's great stuff that I found on my drive waiting to be heard by you dear listeners. Sequencing galore, I would call tonight's show. Several known names, with great space ambient or Berlin School inspired sound stories to relish. Join me for some great aural dinner with music by Cartas de Japón (Santa Clara), MiDi BiTCH (Sonic Fiction), Hollan Holmes (Sacred Places), Oscar Postma (Sequentiqua), Syndromeda (Liftoff to Infinity), von Haulshoven (the ambiland trilogy - Part one, two & three).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 704

Time to be energized. An exciting week screams for exciting music. Yes, it was a busy and stressful week, but lots of interesting things piling up. So I had two rather chilly shows the past weeks, which definitely brought some rest to one's mind. So there is the need for some more powerful sounds to get in the mood for coming actions. Sounds vague? Well, it should be. Relating to projects I am working on, on events to come, and people to meet again after a long while. But, hey, let me stop with the non sensical talk and get into great music by Progeny-1 (Neria), Conny Olivetti (Oblique Stroke XR40), Ivan Black (Terminal Beach), Tom Bragl (Regainable), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Judith Juillerat (Anti f😮rm vol. 10), Transient Visitor (TV3), Fnordism (Unknown Colours), Thomas Wagner, Rainer Frey, Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Polyphony Performance Series 002), Zonevreemd + Sai (To stare blankly in these empty spaces).

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syndae - episode 703

It's gone. What? Unbelievable. But the first month of 2024 is already gone. Is it just me that time passes so fast these days? Maybe it comes with age. And with busy work. And of the latter I have quite a lot recently. Well, this should not stop us from relishing fine electronic music. Or, ambient rooted sounds like you will get tonight. Definitely a good time to find some serenity in music. Like you will get with tracks by Sacred Seeds (Electric Fabric), xenoton (un), Arin Aksberg (Nordic Patterns), Parallel Worlds (Fragmented), Steve Roach feat. Robert Rich (Waves of Now), Autonomaton (The Four Elements - Fire Volume 1), Letters From Mouse (Clota), Jack Hertz (A Star Is Born).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 702

When is the most urgent work coming up on a day? Right. Just about when you are planning to ring off. Had this for the whole week, so I am definitely in need for some more relaxing sounds tonight. Thank goodness that I have a big back catalog of extremely fine easy going music at hand, where I can listen to all night long. And I sincerely invite you to join me for a short hour, where I present very fine pieces I found on my aural journey. Sit back, relax and put on your headphones for wonderful treats by Erez Yaary (Gravity), Cartoon Vandal (Sixteenth Listen), Evening Ocean (The Great Love), Jabber (Action figures not included), Matthias Lehmann (Zauberland), Timothy Wenzel (Immerse), Ashok Prema (A Quiet Day), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (37), Sean O'Bryan Smith ft. Tommy Ogle & John Gregorius (Wanderer's Return), Dave Luxton (Despedida (Space Ambient Mix)), XPURM (RUPMX).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 701

Modern technology allows for interesting structures in buildings. For several years, creating taller and taller buildings seemed a trend. Nowadays, it's more strange looking forms that can be found in places. The development of stable and still free shapeable material and tools surely are one reason. The advancements in thinking and computing may be another. To me, the same holds for electronic music. New tools, materials and advancements in mathematics allow for more flexible, faster and rethought approaches on creating sounds and structures. The latest of these may be enhancements by AI technology. The main ingredient though, to me, is human inspiration that makes a song a good one. Many of those on the show tonight with tracks by Krakenkraft (Sononymic), Phono Input (The Intrusion of Daylight), DesuExSounds (The Four Elements - Fire: Volume 2), Bouwakanja (Prototype), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music), Kilmarth (Sixteenth Listen), Dirk Schlömer (Smart Bombs), Ishin Denshin (Right To Survive), Tales From the Sleeping Land (23 / 24).

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Yours, Stefan

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syndae - episode 700


Well, Hello! A new year has come to bring more new and excellent electronic music to you lovely audience. And some of the best of this music you will surely discover on syndae, I promise. After a two weeks rest we start afresh with great sounds and scapes into 2024, which already sees some great releases in its first days. And also, here is a reminder on the Schallwelle award voting, which is still going on until January 15th. So go and choose your best artists and albums for 2023, while listening to new and exciting music on tonight's edition. Here you get fed by Steve Roach (The Desert Winds Of Change), Hollan Holmes (Sacred Places), Conny Olivetti (Oblique Stroke XR40), IcingWolf (Your Way), Jörg Erren (Snapshots), Frore (37), MiDi BiTCH (Sonic Fiction), Ken Martin (Cydonia).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 699

Are you celebrating anything these holidays? Well, I am not religious myself, but we still follow the tradition of having a Christmas tree and having potatoe salad with sausages on Christmas Eve. Not sure why. But it's a time to be grateful to have such a great family around. Luckily, I stay away from all the gift-making madness so it really is peaceful. And so is the music tonight. At least most of it (haha). Join me for the final editon for 2023 tonight with great tracks by Bryan Lubeck (Welcome Winter), Wane of Summer, Roberto Sass, Promethex, Tuuligan, and Ambient Indigo (Christmas Ambient), Beckett (It's Christmas Time! IV: The Quest For Peace), Cousin Silas (Festive 3), Rick Sparks (Angeline), Allen Pitts (Advent), Jill Haley (Alaskan Soundscapes), Kori Linae Carothers (On A Cold Frosty Morning), Markus Reuter (Comet).

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syndae - episode 698


So I nearly wrapped up my paid work for this year. Best time to pick up some refreshments for my ears. Are you in? Welcome then to this edition of chill-out treats and alike. In conclusion, we are trending towards a more relaxed and nice sounding time of the year. There you have it. But next week will be something completely different. Or will it? Join me for the second last trip on syndae this year, with excellent tracks by Roberto Sass (Cathedral of Lost Love), Encounters (A Path Beyond Remixed), Tabilonder (Plendor), Stan Dart (MurInsel, Volume 6), Howler (Initio), Remote Guest List (Lonely nights), Mutagenese (Voices), Dirk Schlömer (Dubby Nocturne III), Abu Ama + BedouinDrone (Dawlat Lībiyyā), iGL & Alecho (Revolution), Solitaire (Nocturnes & Fearless).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 697

We are closing in on the holiday season. So what better to choose as aural companion as traditional music? Well, for us ambient and electronic fans this definitely makes sense. And I am surely not talking about christmas classics. It's Berlin School and related styles, interpreted by older and younger artists alike. So I encourage you lot to join me tonight for some very cool tracks by Redshift (BERLIN - A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve), Uwe Reckzeh (Schallplatte 26), AeTopus (Cup), Anantakara (Across A Veiled River), B. Ashra (Aurora), Zanov (Lost in the Future), Ivan Black (Into Chaos We Must Run), A Collection of Notes (Oceanic Wavelengths).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 696

The weather got cold over here. So did I. So not much of an introduction today. Quite a bunch of recent and brand new releases on tonight's ambient edition. Enjoy tracks by B. Ashra (Aurora), Wolfgang Bock (Mintaka), Time Away (Prophet of Shadow), Bahía Mansa (Mallki), Frore & Shane Morris (Ochre), Wellengärtner (Mechanics Of Mind), Mutagenese (Voices), Alan Elettronico (Electric Mind (Deluxe Edition)), Shane Beck & Gottfried Bonn (Moon Goddess).

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Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 695

Right, it's only one month now and many of you guys will celebrate christmas. But there is more such celebrations around the corner, like Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, and surely more. And, no, I am not giving you early season's songs. On the contrary, we will go quite progressive and partially rocky tonight. I might do a festive show, though, right on December 22nd. Several such tracks came in lately, and I am aware of at least one new album to come with related music. I am open to suggestions and submissions, of course. And by saying so, a disclaimer as follow up: there is no guarantee for podplay. Well, we will see what happens. But for tonight, I am going all in with excellent and cool tracks by Agitation Free (Momentum), Passage (Oblique), Gingerbass (Lake City Kid), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (B-Dubs), Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Echo der Delfine), The Dead Robotz (Electric Mangrove), Simon Langdon and Polytunnel (Attack Release Volume One), Phono Input (Sidereus Nuncius).

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Yours, Stefan

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syndae - episode 694

Do you have it that the job seems to eat your brain? Well, might depend on the job, of course. I sometimes do have such a feeling. Brainwork during day, an cannot stop thinking about topics and problems that are to address. Well, also keeps me up at night. Like drinking strong coffee in the evening. Do you have any hints on how to get down? One idea might be listening to great music. Like the ones you can listen to on this edition. Joine me for tracks by Tony Sieber (Ambient Guitar Tales), Anna B May (It's Not Just A Dream), Fibonacci Frequencies (Sequenced Space), Space Art (Personal Duty), Time Away & Elvya (Echoes of Maztica), David Young ft Clifford Carter (In the Stars), Erik Wøllo (Cloud of Strings), Adam Steinberg (The Four Elements - Air (Volume 2)), Ronald Van Deurzen (Night Walk), Bernd Scholl (The Winds of Autumn), Steve Orchard (Sharing Dreams), David Wright (Berlin. A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve).

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syndae - episode 693

I'm all in for traditional EM in tonight's edition. Is it the sequencing giving me some serenity? It's often that repitive sounds let you sink into another state of mind. And I surely am in need for some change, as this week was quite stressful. Or is the memory of the good old golden EM times being awaken by this music? It definitely serves some good thoughts from back in the days, when this kind of music was still fresh and exciting to discover, for fans and musicians alike. Whatever the reason, join me for some great music tonight with tracks by Thaneco & DASK (Ships in the Sky), Sebastien Guerive (Obscure Clarity), Oscar Postma, Hyrn (Schallplatte 26), computerchemist (Green Twilight), P'cock (The IC Years), ['ramp] (Arp-en-ciel).

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syndae - episode 692

I am not sure, where you celebrate Halloween these days. Actually, here it is a religious holiday. Nevertheless, it has become tradition already for children to run around in strange dresses and collect sweets. Well, not on my door. And I don't think they would like to collect fruits or vegetables. But ok, if they have fun going for it, I don't mind. A good invention these days is tracking of delivery, so you know it's not a bunch of children at the door but the delivery guy with your parcel or pizza. Wouldn't want to miss them. Well, no Halloween music tonight, but we stomp a bit with the tracks by Jong (Venus), Elysian Underground (A Retro Futuristic Collage), Obscenity State and Femmepop (you are the fabric), Adrien d'Elzius (Silent Revolution), Synaptyx (The Sentinel), Ryota Saito ft Halted Instant (Gentiana Scabra), Ben Rama and Daäna & Brendan Lawless (100 Diamonds), Dardi ft Crennwiick (Addict).

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Yours, Stefan

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syndae - episode 691

When I was younger, vacation always was some kind of exploration. Checking out foreign landscapes. Taking sightseeing tours on an island. And, most important, enjoying all kinds of food from various origins. Well. Nowadays, only the last one remained. Otherwise it's more about relaxing, chilling, and finding some peace of mind in beautiful landscapes not far away. Am I getting old? Sure. Longings shift, my eyes have seen quite an amount of things. No need to travel as far and as much anymore. Less speed and more food.. err... serenity, I mean. Hence, off we go with a bit slower music tonight. Having tracks by Chronotope Project (Chronology), Bart Hawkins (Nonlinear Crossroads), Blue Is Nine (Drifting Through the Night), Divine Matrix (Bioluminescence), Ambiente Solstice ft Sean O'Bryan Smith and Dave Luxton (Out of The Void), Colin Rayment (Schallplatte 26: Architektur), DASK Music (Node Machina (2023)), Matt Goodluck (Inner Cosmos), Ceramic (Now That You're Here), and Time Away (Dragon Priests).

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syndae - episode 690

What is wrong with this human race? Why is it that people need to destroy other people and their lifes to presumably be better? Maybe I am to simple minded, but I definitely don't get it. The one thing I would expect from a race that claims to be the most intelligent one on this planet is to find a way to live together and with respect for each other. Yeah, maybe the wrong expectations. So, I hope you are well out there and as safe as you can be. For your peace of mind I have some cool tracks tonight, which come in by Progeny-1 (Dragon Priests), Constant Current (Untold), DasF (Trenchcoat), Abu Ama & BedouinDrone (Dawlat Lībiyyā), Magic Empire (Omeyocan), Ivan Black (Second Earth), Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Echo der Delfine), Loopingstar (You Are the Fabric), Christopher Alvarado & M.Nomized (Over The Clouds), Phono Input (Sidereus Nuncius).

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syndae - episode 689

So I am back from the sea and the world is turning golden. Yes, fall is coming with all its beautiful colors. And so I decided for a little celebration by turning to the musical style of the golden age of electronic music. How fitting. Well, also among the colors tonight are the darker ones, as another musical hero passed away these days with Dominique Perrier, the man behind Space Art. My thoughts are with his family and friends. He spent his live in music, one of the main things that gives us joy and picks up on our emotions. So I hope you still enjoy the music tonight with tracks by Colin Rayment (Time Dilation), Alex Ringess (Sequenced Space), René van der Wouden (Gemstones IV), Gert Emmens (Gemstones IV), Janne Hanhisuanto (Are we there yet?), Plasman (Variable Mira), Space Art (Personal Duty), Däcker (Anthropomorphic Personification).

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syndae - episode 668


So, I am at the beach right now enjoying the final strains of sunshine. Actually, it’s the final day of my vacation and the trip back is ahead of me. Still, I like resting at this place, which is the opposite of busy most of the time. And what better to listen to than music that relaxes one’s soul? So tonight we are going to chill. Well, maybe double so, as the temperature outside dropped a bit below 20 Celsius. As long as I have my peace, I don’t mind. And especially tonight, starting off with a plug for my own music. Listen in to some relaxing tunes with Talking to Ghosts (Ironfist), Lars Leonhard (Gemstones IV), ELEON ft David Helpling (Daithi), Maid Dresses and POLUNDRA (The Usual Suspects), Point (100 Diamonds), Re-Drum (The Best Of Torrentech Vol. 5), Dissolved (Island Flux Remixes), moonbooter (Reminiscence).

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syndae - episode 687

Do you think of music as medicine? Well, one sometimes could think so. Listening to touching sounds can surely set you out of or into some mood. And if it's the right music, it might help with certain states of your mind. It has to fit though, and not all music is a match for easing one's mind. But from all the styles there are I think the music on tonight's show comes close to it. Now, it definitely is pleasant to listen to, that's for sure. So join me for an hour of pleasantries with music by Erik Wøllo (Cloud of Strings), Brannan Lane, John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith (Emergence), Rick Sparks (Sea of Serenity), Brian Fechino (Reflection Spaces Vol. 1), David Arkenstone (Winterlüde), Stan Dart (MurInsel, Volume 6), Ashron (Reiki Healing Light), David Stern (Cosmic Starlight), Jong (Venus), ELEON ft John Gregorius & Sean O'Bryan Smith (Daithi), Däcker (Zeitenwende).

In sight of joy on

syndae - episode 686

What a busy week. So we had the Electronic Circus Feast... or Festival... well, at least very much both with great artists, great audience, and excellent Bratwurst. Good to meet so many musical friends again after a while and enjoying an extraordinary hot day at the venue. And the heat and the busy time went on this week, so tonight's selection somewhat reflects the mix of being to hot too move and enjoying the buzzing time. Join me, if you like, and have fun with music by Stan Dart (MurInsel, Volume 6), Jong (Venus), Infinite Third (Living Moments (Live)), 4T Thieves (Hauntology), Rettward von Doernberg (A Military Base), Virtually J (Reworks), Xingu Hill (Grigri Pavilion), Castle From Indistinct Dreams (Netlabel Day 2023), MoHoK + Tokee (Dark Sun), Sobria Ebrietas & Iliaque (Calluna).

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Yours, Stefan

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syndae - episode 685

Yes. It's movie time. And while they are down with new films in the US due to their strike, syndae is not and I took the opportunity to pick some nice electronic based cinematic music, which partially actually is from movies. I don't know about you, but to me movies without a good soundtrack lacks a lot of emotional support and feel. And musical wise, soundtracks most often combine the classical way of composition and modern style of sound works. Can you tell I'm a fan? Ok, join me tonight for cool music by Christopher Caouette (Tale Of The Oakenwish), Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas & James Everingham (Frozen Planet II), The Pull of Autumn (Beautiful Broken World), Edouard Ferlet (PIANOïD²), Potsch Potschka (Fantasia Iberica), Gleisberg (Floating In Your Soul), Time Away (Riven), CIALYN (OMEGA), State Azure (The Terminator), Kebu (Live in Oslo), Gandalf (Eartheana).

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syndae - episode 684

Past, present or future? In electronic music this barely is a question, as most of the creations are timeless. Since its discovery in the last century many variations and re-creations saw its light, inspired by the old ones or built on them with new ideas. It is amazing for the communities on ambient and electronic music built over time and how still today people relish the sounds of the past years and enjoy their re-inventions by younger artists, who you could also name to be explorers of timeless arts. This edition has a mix of both brand new and past music, and they are amazing and interesting all at once. Enjoy tracks by Martin Stürtzer (Circular Oscillations), Pabellón Sintético (Mies van der Rohe's dreams), Mario Schönwälder (The Eye Of The Chameleon), Neuronium (Signature), Alex Ringess (Transient Symmetry), Oscar Postma (Moventique Part 2 and 3), Parallel Worlds (Applied Maths), Bernd-Michael Land (Live in Eindhoven).

This is not a staircase on

syndae - episode 683


So I had a very busy week. And I am not even sure I make it in time to promote this show this Friday. But, hey, it's a podcast and you can listen to it whenever you like. For this edition I thought about going a bit more ambient, but not too close. So you will find lots of treats on this show that are in between the worlds, and of course fine electronic music it is, too. Time to discover exciting sounds and uncover the beautiful sound of spacey ambient lifting the aural lids. Enjoy the night with tracks by Bernd-Michael Land (Begegnungen), Jim Ottaway (Infinite Universes), Mike Hans STEFFL (Calaboose Islands), Johan Agebjörn (Subtracted Soundscapes), Sensory++ (Introversum), Solitaire (Plains And Skies), Walter Fini & Shane Beck (The Open Door), M3NASH (Declive).

A world behind the blinds on

Yours, Stefan

syndae - episode 682

It's festival time. Well, nearly. less then a month to go before the incredible clown is back. I mean, the Electronic Circus is opening its door again. And you should definitely join the festival to experience a flock of excellent acts on stage. It's been 15 years ago, when I first had the pleasure to announce the Circus Festival for the first time. Actually, one of the reasons this podcast was started at all. And what a nice festival it has become. After Corona hiatus, the Clown is back on stage and with him come excellent musical guests. So, don't hesitate and join the show in Hamm on September 9th. Meet the fans, meet me, meet wonderful musicians. This show starts with most of the live acts from the show, followed by more great and fresh electronic music. Listen to Steve Baltes (Bochum Sky), Wellenfeld (Eiswelten), r.roo (mirroor), Ströme (Nr. 2), Hyperion V (Accretion Disc), Oblique, Distant Worlds (Transient Symmetry), Reticle (Fifteenth Listen), r.roo (shilly-shally).

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syndae - episode 681

What is the purpose of life? Does it even have one that will satisfy the human thought process? Well, maybe, life is just something that happens by chance. Which indeed makes the earth quite unique. At least, so far as we know. And yet, it seems difficult to stick with the idea that life just is and has no deeper meaning. Why is that? It would be such an easy thing to live, be happy to live, enjoy life. It could spare us of quite some struggle, or wouldn't it? Well, I have no clue as well, but there is some great and beautiful music out there to relish life. Like given to us tonight with tracks by Progeny -1 (Gods of Egypt), K37 (Gods of Egypt), Skunk Baxter (Speed of Heat), Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen (Only for a Short Time), Samir Bodhi (Memories of Empathy), Urs Fuchs (Contact Space), Tom Eaton (Weathering), Wane of Summer (Obsidian), Robert Simon Thoma (Krk), David Wright & Carys (Oracle).

A life's journey on

syndae - episode 680

Image/photo We are travelling towards the exciting second season of music events. The next bigger stop for EM fans in Europe is the Electronic Circus Festival. Yes, it is back after some years of starving and it also is kind of a reboot with a new location. Still providing great artists like Ströme as headliner. But of course there are more very interesting festivals coming up. For our German speaking fans, you may have a look at the empulsiv Infozine. But even if you do not understand German, you might find the event calendar somewhat helpful. Tonight we relish events and of course other great electronic music on the show with tracks by Ströme (No. 2), Bernd-Michael Land (Begegnungen), John Louis Kluck (Astro Voyages), M3NASH (Declive), Oscar Postma, MyklH (The Four Elements: Water - Volume 2), Jingoba Electric & Wellengärtner (Live at Güterhallen Solingen), Ivan Black (Sea Of Fluid Mercury).

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syndae - episode 679

Image/photo It's been an essential part of the syndae culture to have music from many sources on the show. Especially the rise of the netlabels back in the day gave lots of great material to showcase that music must not be commercial to be good. Since a while, these labels celebrate themselves each year on July 14th having the Netlabel Day. Which, this year, was about a week ago. What better time to pick up the celebration and give you a tiny selection of what to find on their website. Enjoy tracks by Me As In You (Neon), Sensor II (Magnatune Sampler 2023), Lovin (Netlabel Day 2023: True Electronic Underground Music), Cairo Braga (The Front Balcony), OKAM (Dub Noir), Mental Health Consumer (Everything at Once), Guska (5 Years a Goose), H-M O (CC-BY IV), Drehkommando (Mülheimer Nacht 2023), Secret Archives of the Vatican (Herosys Dub), Orgonon Sound Machine (The Ashes), DJ Nightnoise (Netlabel Day 2023 Techno Warriors).

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No vacancies at episode 675

Are you going on vacations? Well, many of my colleagues are leaving soon for summer to cherish some nice and lovely place out there. My wife and I were gone already and had some relaxing and joyful time at the Baltic Sea. Lovely weather, lovely environment and a lot of fun and peace and ice cream, of course, loads of ice cream. Isn't it fascinating how many ice cream parlours are in places people stay for holidays? Well, not all of them have good stuff, I can tell you that from experience (hahaha). So, what's vacation and ice cream have to do with tonight's music? Actually, nothing. You will get great tracks, though, provided to us by Atom Brigade (Atom Brigade), Collagist (Vjetnam), MigloJE (Elements 2), Genda (INTENT 2023: Kinetikos), Adrian Brewer (INTENT 2023: Eudaimonia), Evidence of a Struggle (Evidence of a Struggle), Conny Olivetti (Never Give Up), Altus (Descender), Firnwald (Black Fortuna), Mitoma | Weldroid (MXW II).

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