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syndae - episode 700


Well, Hello! A new year has come to bring more new and excellent electronic music to you lovely audience. And some of the best of this music you will surely discover on syndae, I promise. After a two weeks rest we start afresh with great sounds and scapes into 2024, which already sees some great releases in its first days. And also, here is a reminder on the Schallwelle award voting, which is still going on until January 15th. So go and choose your best artists and albums for 2023, while listening to new and exciting music on tonight's edition. Here you get fed by Steve Roach (The Desert Winds Of Change), Hollan Holmes (Sacred Places), Conny Olivetti (Oblique Stroke XR40), IcingWolf (Your Way), Jörg Erren (Snapshots), Frore (37), MiDi BiTCH (Sonic Fiction), Ken Martin (Cydonia).

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Yours, Stefan