Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 709

It's always great, if you get things done. This week was very productive work-wise, several topics fininalized and done in a satisfying manner. Another great thing is, if supporting customers and colleagues works out and gets you up to speed with issues, resolving problems fast and steady. All these good things give positive energy and let you run on steroids, so to say. So, yes, well a good week. And better than the last ones. The question is, where to go with all the energy sampled along the way and not burst into flames. Well, one way is to work out hard. So here I have music to go with it that will make your body move and spend some energy. Enjoy the sounds of Sternenspringer (2022), Elysian Underground (Subplant Vol 2), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (Trance Plane/Fugu LSD Remixes), Andy Morello (Electrical Emotions), Harrison Downes (Bleed For Me), Aerodroemme (Saturn Crisis), Bunshi (Plants), Dan-X (Lost Tapes Volume I), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music).

Body work on

Yours, Stefan