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syndae - episode 721


After all the chilling in the last edition, it is time to get a bit beefier tonight. All the energy collected the past days has to go somewhere. And it has become a quite diverse show this time, with calmer and more aggressive sounds and beats. No EDM though. That's in queue for another time. Also, I picked up some of the artists from last week to showcase their variability. Well, I am picking up some energy these days, which also changes my mood and need for music. It's great material I have for you tonight, so join me for a cool right, won't you? Have some great 60 minutes with music by Firnwald ft. D-Fried (Gadgetbag 2), Conny Olivetti (Future Europe), Stefan Erbe (Retrologica 2024), Roberto Sass (Transit), PLESS (Midnight Buffet), Ivan Black (Isms), Cousin Silas & Øystein Q Jørgensen (Bemerkelsesverdig Morgen), Kellerkind Berlin (Das Graublaue Album), NYORAI (Shinkirō), Hyrn (live at endlos elektro sounds).

Rougher edges at

Yours, Stefan


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