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syndae - episode 708

Do you watch TV? Or are you a cinema person? Since streaming, I barely go for the cinema anymore. But I do not watch linear TV as much as before, either. TV and cinema both tie me to specific times, which does not make much sense for me anymore. Series and movies on demand are my go to nowadays. What has not changed, though, is my love for soundtracks. Be it for TV shows or films, cinematic music has always fascinated me to listen to. At least the instrumental ones. And over time, those overlap very often with electronic music. I think, it is the emotion transported by this kind of music that captures me. What about you? Do you tend to listen to the music while watching a movie? Maybe even more closely than paying attention to the story? Happens to me sometimes. But not when listening to a show like tonight, which is dedicated to cinematic and so inspired music. Enjoy great tracks by Gleisberg (Secret and Mystery II), Progeny -1, Talking to Ghosts, Helsinki Project, Andawan, Promethex, Wane of Summer, Time Away, and Roberto Sass (Ten Towns), Duston O'Halloran (1001), Sebastien Guerive (Obscure Clarity).

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