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syndae - episode 712

Spring seems to be the first high season of the year for concerts in electronic music (maybe in other genres, too?). So many concerts and festivals are waiting at the doors, it seems difficult to decide where to go. The bigger one is E-Day, of course, which is sold out by today. But there are several others. like Naar de Koppen this Sunday, the endlos elektro sounds in Krefeld in two weeks, or the 20 years of Broque records end of this month, to also name some smaller events. For the latter two there are two teasers to be found in this edition of syndae. After April, there are more to come. For German readers (or Google translate users) there is a calendar to be found at, a website I run with friends featuring information on electronic music. Check it out if you like. And now, join me for some great rhythmic music by Veelargo (Monoliths And Greetings), Hyrn (Live at Schallwelle 2024), Alec Troniq (Early Reflexion), Collagist (Pan), Terrapin (IDMf Retrospective Vol. 1), Clemens Acidus (Summer Sunrise), Sternenspringer (2022), Erothyme (Life Sidereal), Radium88 (See Saw), Dave Schoepke (Sun will follow), Conny Olivetti (Aviation).

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