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syndae - episode 699

Are you celebrating anything these holidays? Well, I am not religious myself, but we still follow the tradition of having a Christmas tree and having potatoe salad with sausages on Christmas Eve. Not sure why. But it's a time to be grateful to have such a great family around. Luckily, I stay away from all the gift-making madness so it really is peaceful. And so is the music tonight. At least most of it (haha). Join me for the final editon for 2023 tonight with great tracks by Bryan Lubeck (Welcome Winter), Wane of Summer, Roberto Sass, Promethex, Tuuligan, and Ambient Indigo (Christmas Ambient), Beckett (It's Christmas Time! IV: The Quest For Peace), Cousin Silas (Festive 3), Rick Sparks (Angeline), Allen Pitts (Advent), Jill Haley (Alaskan Soundscapes), Kori Linae Carothers (On A Cold Frosty Morning), Markus Reuter (Comet).

We all are stars on