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syndae - episode 672

Ambient, Chill and now... Dance, of course. We are picking up more speed this week with some beats that may move your legs, if you want it or not. Well, we are not going full techno, but definitely dancable stuff. A quite sad closing though, as we lost one of the fun guys these days with Anfrando Maiola aka Koto. From his music I would conclude he would like you to live happily ever after and dance your name in the sand. Join in for beefier beats by Counterfly ft. Alec Troniq (The Only Land Where), DXN and Toxic Derwish (INTENT 2023: Kinetikos), Adriano Canzian (Aggressiva), Mar io (Choplifter), Tomchilla & mexCalito (The Cave), Patrick 9000 (Endless Journey), Elrox (Selveste Direktøren), Koto (Greatest Hits & Remixes).

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