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No vacancies at episode 675

Are you going on vacations? Well, many of my colleagues are leaving soon for summer to cherish some nice and lovely place out there. My wife and I were gone already and had some relaxing and joyful time at the Baltic Sea. Lovely weather, lovely environment and a lot of fun and peace and ice cream, of course, loads of ice cream. Isn't it fascinating how many ice cream parlours are in places people stay for holidays? Well, not all of them have good stuff, I can tell you that from experience (hahaha). So, what's vacation and ice cream have to do with tonight's music? Actually, nothing. You will get great tracks, though, provided to us by Atom Brigade (Atom Brigade), Collagist (Vjetnam), MigloJE (Elements 2), Genda (INTENT 2023: Kinetikos), Adrian Brewer (INTENT 2023: Eudaimonia), Evidence of a Struggle (Evidence of a Struggle), Conny Olivetti (Never Give Up), Altus (Descender), Firnwald (Black Fortuna), Mitoma | Weldroid (MXW II).

No vacancies at