Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 705

Yes, I am definitely getting old. My brain was some weeks in the future, when I compiled tonight's edition. Planned with music that has to wait for a while, as it is up for release later in March. And I do not want to spoil it that early. But there is so much great music to listen to that it was an easy go to compile a new show for tonight. And it's great stuff that I found on my drive waiting to be heard by you dear listeners. Sequencing galore, I would call tonight's show. Several known names, with great space ambient or Berlin School inspired sound stories to relish. Join me for some great aural dinner with music by Cartas de JapĆ³n (Santa Clara), MiDi BiTCH (Sonic Fiction), Hollan Holmes (Sacred Places), Oscar Postma (Sequentiqua), Syndromeda (Liftoff to Infinity), von Haulshoven (the ambiland trilogy - Part one, two & three).

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Yours, Stefan