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syndae - episode 724

We're going into dungeons and dragons and other fantasy realms tonight, on the hunt for hidden castles and maybe fight a dragon? Well. At least half the show will be. And then I have related, cinematic style music for you. Well, I do like fantasy in books and movies, although I am not deep into it. I know many friends and colleagues are or were into D&D gaming. In the past, I did enjoy simpler adventure games as well, but mostly passed for role playing. What about you? Leave a comment and tell me. And meanwhile, enjoy listening to great music by Talking to Ghosts & AndAWan (Convergence of Soul), Sonic Bodhi & Progeny -1 (Winged Memories), K37 (Fearless), Dirk Schlömer (Travels to the Untold II), Sverre Knut Johansen (Still Time), Grosso Gadgetto (Hidden Children of the Vatican), @erwilian (Cascadia).

In the realms of fantasy at

Yours, Stefan