Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 711

So what about travelling through space? There are many science fiction movies and series taking us to a journey through the vast emptiness of the universe, most often than not meeting some alien species out there. Or simply looking for some other place to live. But what draws us to space? Is it the modern equivalent of the seas? Could be. Starting on a journey into the unknown, eager to discover new worlds (i.e., continents) and new species (i.e., foreign people). Well, at least it seems a fascinating thought to travel beyond the known. Whatever might await you. Some might not be so keen to travel, but there is always the part of us that travels in thought. And here you get some cool music to accompany you on that trip, given to us by S1gns Of L1fe (Particle Acceleration), David Wright (Fade), Carbonates On Mars (Quadrants 1: Part 1), Temporal Waves (Temporal Waves), Dirk Schlömer (Travels to the Untold), DesuExSounds (Continual), State Azure (Valkyrja).

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Yours, Stefan