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syndae - episode 717

There are quite some bank holidays in May. Several of them rooting in religious festivities. Well, I don't mind, as they serve quieter times. Less traffic, less people, more time to simply rest and relish Spring time. The downside is that most shops are closed on such days and people tend to run shopping the days before and after the holiday. "And" not "either, or". It's getting quite crowded on those days. The more a reason to calm oneself. And there is a nice aural way to support easing ones mind: listening to great ambient electronic sounds. So, for these or no reason at all, join me for great tracks given by Erik Wøllo (Crossing the Equator), Ambient Indigo (Chasing Shadows), Helsinki Project (Shadowclaw), Ron Shayler (Gravity Vectors), Vamadeva (The Call of Wisdom), Parallel Worlds (Artiphon), Hanetration (Resonator), Eko_Fisk (Strand), Bernhard Wöstheinrich (Live in Beacon 2023, Set 1).

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Yours, Stefan