Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 713

Are you up for some adventure? Well, soundwise you will get music that definitely fits into the realms of fantasy and beyond tonight. Definitely some melodic and harmonic treats are up. There is the story that Hobbits don't do adventures. Never ever. Or do they? Well, I think, live itself proves to be one interesting ride one could call adventure. Who you meet, what you experience, where you go, and what you are listening to. So, join me to some very inspiring rides on this edition with outstanding treasures by Roberto Sass and Time Away & Elvya (Path of the Roses), Betageist (Luminous Exile), the-motyw (Unless have a man in a man), Michael Whalen (Brokenhearted Lopsided Blues), AO Music (Otherness), Allen Pitts (My Tribute to Jeanne), Erothyme feat. Kirk Kubicek & Jessica Sirena (Life Sidereal), ELEON (Hidden Kingdom), Richard Anthony Bean (Victopia), Stefan Erbe (Selectronisch Vol 1).

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Yours, Stefan