Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 710

Yes, I definitely do like some excitement. But I also relish those more quieter moments in live, where mind and body can rest and find some inner peace. What makes me wonder, for example, is that many people hate getting up in the morning and having to leave the safety of their bed. At sleep, one does nothing. Well, one may dream strange stuff (like losing and searching for something, a ring, a wallet, a mobile,... a toilet... err, well). But essentially, you are at complete rest. And still, getting up and back in action is annoying. Humans are a strange species in so many ways. Whatever. I was talking about peace of mind. And what better to do getting there than listening to excellent ambient music. Like you will get tonight with tracks by David Helpling & Jon Jenkins (A Treasured World), ELEON (Hidden Kingdom), Anna B May ft. Vince Forwards (In Another Life), Altus (Solastalgia), Synaptism (Environmental Ambience), Pennine Project (Ice Heart Father), Elvya and Sonic Bodhi (Tales of Dragon Days), Cousin Silas (Festive 3), Deepspace (The Black Orchid Galaxies), Ivan Black (Penumbra).

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Yours, Stefan