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syndae - episode 715

I admit that musically I tend to delve in the past. It's simply so that those days were the days that hooked me to instrumental and electronic music. My first LP, or rather one of my parents, was an album containing instrumental music played using electric guitars. I barely remember the songs on that LP, but loved it. And later loved the electronic ones even more. It is obvious that I am not alone with this love, as there are still artists being inspired by the style and structures of the songs back then. So here we are again with several such artists. And there is no doubt that their interpretation of the style is no copy but inspired by the music of the past, bringing their own take on traditional electronic music. Join me and enjoy great music by Paul Ellis (The Haunted Afternoon), Micado (SculptureS), Tabilonder (Personal Cosmos), REMY & D├Ącker (Live at BYSS), Kenneth Roberts (Exploration SX-240), Ivan Black (Moving), @Oscar Postma (Timebender).

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Yours, Stefan