Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 706

Another storm is up and going to have fun with the trees and bushes. And with wheelie bins, of course. It's always a bit funny to see them dancing on the road. Mostly in small and slower steps, depending on their state of filling. Fittingly, you will get slow but driving music on tonight's edition. Which focuses on chill-out and relaxation. The main reason behind was to have some calmer music for driving up to the Schallwelle award event tomorrow, on Saturday 24th. So, if you come, this might be some good road music not caring for those annoying drivers out there. Well, take a nice and joyful trip with tracks by KS|Optionica (No Sense [D-Fried Remixes]), Overthrive (Uncharted Realms), Anna B May (In Another Life Remixes), iGL & Alecho (Revolution), Das Omikron (an Atmosfield), Sulk Rooms (Werra Foxma CENTRAL), Sequentialwork (SequentialTrax Vol. 2), Janne Hanhisuanto (Cosmic Dreams), Tim Susa (Four Signs), Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (Trance Plane/Fugu LSD Remixes).

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Yours, Stefan