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syndae - episode 701

Modern technology allows for interesting structures in buildings. For several years, creating taller and taller buildings seemed a trend. Nowadays, it's more strange looking forms that can be found in places. The development of stable and still free shapeable material and tools surely are one reason. The advancements in thinking and computing may be another. To me, the same holds for electronic music. New tools, materials and advancements in mathematics allow for more flexible, faster and rethought approaches on creating sounds and structures. The latest of these may be enhancements by AI technology. The main ingredient though, to me, is human inspiration that makes a song a good one. Many of those on the show tonight with tracks by Krakenkraft (Sononymic), Phono Input (The Intrusion of Daylight), DesuExSounds (The Four Elements - Fire: Volume 2), Bouwakanja (Prototype), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Frozen Music), Kilmarth (Sixteenth Listen), Dirk Schlömer (Smart Bombs), Ishin Denshin (Right To Survive), Tales From the Sleeping Land (23 / 24).

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Yours, Stefan

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