Stefan friendica

!Friendica Support Hi. I have a problem with webp since last night, as the worker constantly reports the following error:

PHP Fatal error: gd-webp cannot allocate temporary buffer in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 171

There is no memory warning or whatsoever. As I found on the web, this seems to be a problem with webp and video processing (which may or may not be solved).
This is what I found in the friendica.logs:

2023-04-30T07:30:03Z worker [INFO]: Using default mime type {"filename":"","mime":"image/webp","worker_id":"3bb665b","worker_cmd":"UpdateContact"} - {"file":"Images.php","line":120,"function":"getMimeTypeByData","request-id":"644e18f9576da","uid":"826200","process_id":3584}
2023-04-30T07:30:03Z worker [ALERT]: Fatal Error (E_ERROR): gd-webp cannot allocate temporary buffer {"code":1,"message":"gd-webp cannot allocate temporary buffer","file":"<host-path-removed>/src/Object/Image.php","line":171,"trace":null} - {"file":null,"line":null,"function":null,"request-id":"644e18f9576da","uid":"826200","process_id":3584}

Any information on how I could resolve this issue (locally), e.g., by removing a causing entry in the queue (I assume it tries to process one over and over again), or any other suggestion is much appreciated.
Thank you.