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syndae - episode 670

Did you ever travel in a balloon? I'm not sure I would do it. Too afraid, I think. It's only some hot air that keeps one from crashing down. Lots of strings attached, but none of them will hold you up. And I think I am afraid of heights as well. Wasn't always that way, maybe it comes with the age? So, anyone, how is it to ride a balloon? Well, at least I would imagine it to be a smooth and calm ride. Like the music you will get on tonight's edition with tracks by Steve Roach & Vir Unis (Blood Machine), Christian Fiesel (Radio Noise Station), Däcker, alfa00 & Nimbostrata (INTENT 2023: Eunoia), Aarktica (Paeans), Karmacosmic (Imagine - Music for Reading), Wellengärtner (Live At 35blumen), Progeny-1 (Ariann of Myth Nantar)

Taking a ride at