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syndae - episode 702

When is the most urgent work coming up on a day? Right. Just about when you are planning to ring off. Had this for the whole week, so I am definitely in need for some more relaxing sounds tonight. Thank goodness that I have a big back catalog of extremely fine easy going music at hand, where I can listen to all night long. And I sincerely invite you to join me for a short hour, where I present very fine pieces I found on my aural journey. Sit back, relax and put on your headphones for wonderful treats by Erez Yaary (Gravity), Cartoon Vandal (Sixteenth Listen), Evening Ocean (The Great Love), Jabber (Action figures not included), Matthias Lehmann (Zauberland), Timothy Wenzel (Immerse), Ashok Prema (A Quiet Day), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen (37), Sean O'Bryan Smith ft. Tommy Ogle & John Gregorius (Wanderer's Return), Dave Luxton (Despedida (Space Ambient Mix)), XPURM (RUPMX).

Ease treaty on

Yours, Stefan