Stefan friendica

syndae - episode 671

From still to chill. Chillout of course. Not that I am going to freeze over. Time to lean back on your canvas chair, put on the sunglasses and relish the sound of the sea. Or, well, imagine that when sitting on a wooden stool. Thing is, why jump start from Ambient to hardcore electronica? See? We don't. Quite a bunch of goodies on this edition that will just get you more relaxed but also energized for upcoming tasks. Right, time for your pleasure sound with Anna B May (Siren Song), Eko Fisk (Empire Of Lights), Stan Dart (Dreams), Language Field (Fearful Symmetry), Generaction X (Dreamcast), GORE and POLUNDRA (The Usual Suspects), Roman Angelos (Supermarkets, Underwater), Jarosław Degórski (Dziękuję Klaus), Smooth (A Life in Minor).

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