Stefan friendica

So I am enjoying the final hours of my vacation. It's kind of a hybrid state, where I feel as much relaxed as energized for a busy summer ahead. Well, difficult to decide upon the path for this edition, hence it is somewhat ambient, but on the more progressive edge with twists and rhythms. What do you think makes ambient music ambient? Do all the tracks from tonight's edition qualify? I do think so, but that may be only me. Best to join me for this hour and listen to great sounds by Byron Metcalf & Ari Urban ft. Dashmesh (Rituals of Passion), Fusion of Elements (Bigger than Us), _Imnot_here (Outside), Paul Ellis (The Haunted Afternoon), Peltiform (Like Phantoms), Cousin Silas & Øystein Q Jørgensen (Bemerkelsesverdig Morgen).

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Yours, Stefan